We are Sandwater

We fund accelerating, ambitious companies to make an impact that matters.


From current challenges, spring new opportunities

At Sandwater, we aim to contribute to a lasting positive impact by supporting a new generation of daring entrepreneurs to grow and accelerate their companies with not just our capital but also our conviction, past experience and the strength of our connections and broader ecosystem.

We invest thematically with a focus on resource efficiency, energy transition, human health & wellbeing, and impact enablers. Learn more about our investment focus here.

We fund innovative companies who are driven to make a positive impact for a healthier planet and healthier people. Reach out to us if this sounds like you, and if you are:

  • Raising your Seed or Series A round
  • Based in Europe
  • Developing scalable Tech – Hardware, Software or a combination!


The Sandwater portfolio

Great companies we are supporting

With conviction, capital, and connection, our goal is to punch above our weight and contribute to a lasting impact together with a new generation of daring entrepreneurs.

Are we a good fit?

We can probably be great partners if you have a groundbreaking business that needs support to scale to make an impact that matters. We can help your business with our hands-on experience, global network and capital.

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