Accelerating the transition toward sustainable animal feed by offering an end-to-end solution for decentralized insect farming.

New investment announced into FarmInsect

Founded: 2020

HQ: Munich, Germany

FarmInsect partners directly with farmers and equips them to establish onsite insect farms with near-complete circularity – using waste streams off the farm as feedstock for the insects, which then replace soy and fishmeal as a protein source for feeding fish, chickens and pigs.

 Insects represent a more sustainable and less CO2 intensive protein alternative for animal feed, providing circular use of local waste streams and minimizing deforestation and overfishing related to traditional soy and fishmeal.

 Market reports indicate the insect market will have a 2.5MT/yr gap between available production volumes and demand by 2030.

Founded in 2020, FarmInsect offers a more sustainable alternative protein source for animal feed —namely black soldier fly larvae. In contrast to most insect farming companies today who are building mega-factories, FarmInsect wants to decentralize production to better utilize stranded energy and onsite feedstocks and put this opportunity directly in the hands of farmers.

FarmInsect has developed an end-to-end solution, enabling customers to construct modular insect farms onsite at their own facilities. FarmInsect sends customers weekly shipments of seed larvae which are fattened onsite with regional waste materials, such as peels or harvest residues – in a week, the larvae will grow over 250x their body weight. This circular system produces high-quality, protein-rich feed produced directly on the farm more cheaply, with lower CO2 emissions and independently of global supply chains.

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