Stockholm-based ClimateView is accelerating cities' transition to net zero economies. Its platform - ClimateOS - is used on a national level in Sweden and in 30+ cities across Europe and North America to overcome the #1 barrier to climate action: connecting CO2 to $$.


Founded: 2018

HQ: Stockholm, Sweden

Cities are responsible for 70% of global emissions, yet they are accessing only 10% of necessary financial resources, resulting in a €4.1T financing gap according to the World Bank’s "2021 State of Cities Climate Finance" report. They face challenges due to regulatory obstacles, differing standards, and silos between institutions, hindering the climate transition.

ClimateOS combines data and systemic analysis to give cities impact intelligence, enabling them to connect emissions, actions and economics at a system-wide level. Cities can then create evidence-based net zero strategies and climate investment plans to transition faster and more intelligently.

ClimateOS is currently used by 30+ cities including metropoles like Madrid, Dortmund, Cincinnati and Nottingham. With all emissions-related city data in one platform, cities are better placed in the green transition, from living up to financial reporting expectations to publishing the calculated co-benefits to the public. This is taking climate finance to the next level, led by impact metrics and data-driven decisions.

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