Sandwater is excited to announce our latest new investment into FarmInsect!

Munich-based FarmInsect is revolutionizing insect farming with a modularized, end-to-end solution for decentralized, on-site insect larvae production. With a constant focus on innovation, FarmInsect has developed industry-leading breeding practices and genetic strains with enhanced adaptability to local feedstocks.

Insects represent a more sustainable and less CO2 intensive protein alternative for animal feed, providing circular use of local waste streams and minimizing deforestation and overfishing related to traditional soy and fishmeal. FarmInsect customers benefit from up to 30% savings on feed costs, more circular use of organic waste streams, and additional revenue sources from fertilizer, biogas and sale of larvae to third party processors.

FarmInsect today announced a successful close of an oversubscribed €8M financing round, led by Sandwater with participation from Bayern Kapital, Australia’s Minderoo Foundation, and the EIC fund, with additional participation from existing investors HTGF and UnternehmerTUM.

The funds raised will support FarmInsect’s commercial scale-up and continued development of the company’s technology.