Sandwater is excited to announce our latest investment into CardioSignal’s $10M Series A, led by DigiTx Partners and alongside existing investor Maki.VC.

CardioSignal develops software-as-medical-devices to provide early detection of heart diseases, and provides the first and only technology to detect several major heart diseases with high accuracy using just one clinical modality without any specialized medical equipment.

Heart diseases are the leading global cause of death, and prevalence rates of structural heart diseases are on the rise. CardioSignal's revolutionary technology has the potential to be a paradigm-shift in how we manage cardiac patients, backed by numerous clinical studies and publications. CardioSignal offers a highly scalable and broadly accessible tool to improve patient management and contribute to more equitable, affordable cardiac care.

All in all,

  • Tackling a large unmet need in management of patients with heart diseases
  • Novel digital biomarker technology supported by numerous clinical studies and publications
  • Standalone digital tool contributing to greater scalability, affordability and accessibility
  • Experienced, highly competent and credible team who are passionate about improving cardiac care

The Series A funds will support further expansion of CardioSignal’s clinical validation and commercial partnerships.

CardioSignal’s funding round has achieved widespread coverage – links to the company’s full press release and select media coverage below for reference!